My goals for February

January was a sea of birthday celebrations, spending time with my favourites human and furfaced, starting a new job that took me away from the fur faces for far longer than I want to be away from them. There were some delicious meals, there were outings in the snow and outing to the beach. There were new routines to figure out, and healthy eating plans to implement, and a lot of cake to eat too. January was a big juxtaposition. 
And now on to February. 
We have a lot of holiday planning to do. Lots of Airbnbs to to book – there are just so many of them it’s hard to choose. I want to keep up reading lots, I just need to find some more motivation. I’m working on a website for a friend that needs completing. I also need to fall back in love with using my fitbit. Give me a kick to be a little bit healthier. And we really need this puppy to crack the toilet training. He’s great at going outside when you tell him but he just forgets (or likes being naughty too much) and so we really need to get him sorted on the toilet training. 
What have you got planned for the month?

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