Hello April!

Well, it appears my 1 second videos fell at the third month – missed a few days which you might notice if you count the days but i think we can all agree no-one has time for that! Although this month’s vid is mostly dogs again! But lets face it, they are cuter than me! 
Anyway, March – March saw the end of chemo, and the following recovery, I had a few fun days out in Leeds and Harrogate with friends, we went for trips to the countryside, and to the seaside, I made a couple of bangles at jewellery, and then I started some radiotherapy planning.
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Now, for April – April will be mostly spent going to the radiotherapy department at Weston Park. I have daily sessions between April 5th and the 10th May. My dad and I are building raised veg patch planters, and sowing grass, and tiding up the garden, we’re off for another trip the Leeds, I have a tonne of ideas of things I want to make at my jewellery class, and I have a couple of birthdays to make for too. We’ve also got a holiday to plan because right now we just have accommodation booked in one place of 4. And it’s next month! Oooops. And I want to relish every minute I spend with the dogs because my days of hanging out with them all the time will be coming to an end when I go back to work after treatment!

And whilst I’m sharing movies and talking about the pooches, here’s a little movie of the fur faces playing in the park, you know, just because! 

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