A look back at August and some September goals

August wasn’t the month we quite planned. It started with a cancer diagnosis and was followed up by an operation, a stint of recovery at my parents and some rearranged plans for a holiday. But it also involved visits from old friends, perfect brunches, days spent having fun with pals, trips to the lakes and a few too many cocktails. 

And then we celebrated the weddings of the most wonderful people with some awesome friends. Checkout the mini movie I made of the day 

And now on to Septembers plans

We have a trip to a beer festival in Amsterdam to look forwards to. I’ve never been to Amsterdam either so I am excited to see the city, the foodhallen, and just have a little break. I’m also popping to Devon for a friends birthday and to see the coffee shop she’s opened in Ilfracombe. I’ve been doing some research into diets for my upcoming treatment and the internet seems to suggest i ought to go vegan, but I’ll be honest, that’s not about to happen (because, well, cheese) so the plan is to make my diet more alkaline in a way that keeps me happy! Because being positive for the start of chemo can only be a good way to start it. We had to cancel a little trip away with the dogs because of my lumpectomy so I’ll be keeping my hopes up and planning a break somewhere with the fur faces, because they deserve a holiday too don’t they! 

And I know I’ve been a terrible blogger of late. The thing is my brain is full of things to say but my ability to get them out here has been diminished of late – but the plan is to try and get back to blogging regularly and to have fun doing it. 

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