A look back on October and my November goals

October was a month of some serious waiting, a lot of sleep deprivation
and a lot of autumning too. We found ourselves at another beer festival, this
time Indy Man in Manchester for Jim’s sisters birthday (Hello Jane) which was a
wonderfully beery affair. I attended my first WI meeting in 3 years as not the president
which was strange but also a lot of fun. We took lots of woodland walks with
the pooches. I learnt acorns are poisonous o dogs so spent a fretful night
watching Melle to see just how many he’d eaten!  Jim went to India so I had a few weeks of
fending for myself. I saw friends for cocktails and brunch and chats about
their exciting business plans. I also surrendered my broken dslr to be fixed so
survived a month on just phone photos. Not a bad month really!
Now, on to November!

We have some fun plans with friends lined up, places to
visit, people to see, and I intend to make the most of all the plans. I’ve
started with my festive gifts for this year, they’re not anything big or fancy
but I’m excited by them, and making gifts is always fun isn’t it. One of the
things we’ve done for quite a few years is a calendar of Flash and now, with
Melle in the mix it should be doubly fun! We have been working on the hallway
for ages and ages. We had a man planned to come fit an internal door to is AGES
ago but he flaked on us so we’ve sort of been in limbo until now. BUT the doorway
goes in next week. Then we can paint, and decorate. And plan shoe storage! And the beanies thing. It’s
winter. I adore them. It speaks for itself that I ought to be buying them all,
doesn’t it?
Now, tell me, what are your plans for the month? 

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