About Me

Hi, I’m Emma.
A Sheffield based blogger with a penchant for gin and craft beer, travelling, snowboarding, sailing and slowing doing up my house. I’m aggressively dog friendly

I’m also living with stage IV breast cancer , stage iv means it’s incurable, and I’m most likey going to die at the hands of this disease. But im going to have a heck of a time living before that happens.

Basically I blog about what I’ve been up to, where we’ve been on holiday, a bit about the house, my dogs and anything else that takes my fancy!

If you want to get in touch with me or find out a bit more about me you can here;

PR’s and sponsorship. 

I am taking submissions for reviews and sponsored posts for products that are in keeping with the content of this blog. Please contact me for more information on Oh Gosh and details of the people I have worked with previously.  You can read more about PR opportunities and getting in touch here.