A look back on November and some goals for December

November was pretty quiet round here and I’m sorry about that. I had plans to write all sorts of posts during my time off after chemo but in reality, when it might have been possible to write, I found myself staring into space thinking about nothing. Really productive I know. 
But November wasn’t all about the chemo. It’s kind of felt like it has lately but its hasn’t been. It started with a bit of IVF egg harvesting (such a gross phrase and I will get round to telling you about that at some point), there was some Christmas decoration making with the WI, lots of fun puppy walks, one sick puppy after he ate a mobile phone, a lovely evening with old friends in Harrogate, an awesome trip to Manchester with Toni, a fun overnight trip back to my old party home town of Leeds with Jim to see Brian Fallon. There were dinners with friends and cronuts and grilled cheese and french toast (not all at once you understand)
Now, onto December! 
We’re having a bad Christmas jumper photoshoot with Flash and Melle and their people puppy cousin, Daniel, in a few weeks so new festive jumpers seem to be in order. 
I’ve inexplicably got myself 3 puppy swap packages to post out – 1 to Australia, 1 to Canada and 1 to the UK and then I’m taking part in Janet’s Thrifty swap too. I love swaps, but the postal times are bothering me. 
We’re hosting a festive wine and cheese evening over Christmas but I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest and now I have dreams of grandeur. 
I had plans for a Christmas diy gift and then I went and did a dry run and it was a disaster. A huge disaster. And a bit costly. So I have abandoned that plan and I’m diy-ing something little instead. 
I’ve got one treatment this month and I’m refusing to let it interfere with my plans for the month! That’s the best way I can think to handle this whole thing! 
With the dark nights finding fun weekend spots to walk the dogs is important because they love going on adventures and I love taking them on them!
With our ever increasing bar, it seems like we ought to have a festive house cocktail to enjoy this Christmas – have you got any suggestions? 
And obviously I’ll be christmassy-fying the house but that goes without saying! Right? And now tell me what are your plans for this wonderful festive month?

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