A look back at September and some goals for October

September was an odd month. It was a juxtaposition of fun
plans and hospital appointments for not so fun things. In the fun stakes I took
a trip to Ilfracombe to see friends, we did a gin tasting at the WI, there were
dinners with friends, and colourful walks, the most fun jewellery making
experiences, and a little trip to Amsterdam that I’ll be sharing more from next
week. There were a few opportunities for some mini movies too which is my new
favourite thing to do and so, so easy! 
But we also had appointments. So many appointments about
everything from chemo schedules to what we thought would be pre-treatment haircuts
and Flash ended up at the vets about a billion times too, poor little guy! And
I had a course of IVF treatments and the ops that go with that but there’s more to come on that too.

And now we’re looking forwards to October, which feels very up in the air at the moments as we have no dates for anything yet, but I’ve tried to put together some goals for the month to keep me a bit more present in it all, rather than just moving from one appointment to the next.
What are your plans and goals more the month? Tell me all the fun things you have in store. 

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