January’s goals and dreams

For the last few years I’ve created myself a ‘xx to do before I am xx‘ list rather than trying to stick to a resolution. They’be been fun, but I’ll be totally honest I’ve become very good at making a big list at the start of a year and then remembering it sporadically and feeling like a failure by the time my next birthday came round or re-reading the list mid year and thinking that it felt out dated.  Plus the old I am getting the longer the list is getting and it’s bloody hard to think of that many things! (I should have stopped the birthdays at 27!)
So this year I am taking a more fluid approach to goal setting for the year. There will be monthly lists of achievements for me to keep in mind – things I can hopefully achieve rather than just think about achieving. This way they can change as I do (and I love lists so it gives me a chance to write even more of them!)


  1. I love lists but those 'x before I'm x' lists are scary! And you're right, they just make you feel a little like a failure. The goals you have there seem like a pretty good start. Oh, and if you love making lists, you could join in with the 52 Lists project over on this blog madeinhunters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/52-lists-one.html. (I'm not promoting, I just learnt about it yesterday!).

  2. I have decided this year to set 3 "intentions" at the start of each month. Some months will be big intentions, others small but all should hopefully be achievable 🙂

    Ps- where did you get the brain training toy from? x

    1. that was my thought too – make it all achievable. Then at least I get some satisfaction 😉

      and the game is from ebay but it's from a brand made by nina somebody or other. He doesn't seem to care that much about it yet though!

  3. I like your more achievable list. I have stuff to do by Easter which I am not sharing for now but I will, I will, probably in Easter!

    1. Thanks. I started to feel a bit like a failure for not completing the other lists.
      I'm going to be looking out for your easter lists now. With the big move I bet you've got loads of goals!

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