An August round up and Septembers Goals

August was busy. Busier than I fear it should have been really for everything I wanted to achieve. There were trips to Middlesbrough for 4th birthday parties and to meet Flash’s Jug cousin, Bruno Bear. There were visits from family, there were broken cars & crashed into cars. There was dog sitting and blogger events in Leeds. We had the great grey debate of 2014. It raged on our living room wall for an age. We also spent a tonne of time painting – walls, woodwork, built-ins, picture rails & window frames. You name it. We painted it. We had a leak that ruined a bathroom ceiling. There were sofa delays (we still don’t have one – it’s been 8 1/2 weeks!) and carpet decisions. We spent a lot of time making cocktails at home and juicing everything we could and there was a lovely holiday. Then there were mini breakdowns at the fact nothing in the house is done or finished and the fact I can’t see an end to it – I’m hoping that feeling will pass. House do-er-uper-ers please tell me it will! 
And now on to September and my goals for this month. 


  1. You've done so much in a small amount of time, just relax and enjoy yourself, you have years to do up your house, just take it easy and it wil be easier! Good luck with your goals! x

  2. I don't think people ever finish work on the house! It's a constant process – we have so much stuff waiting to be done too! Good luck with Sept goals x

  3. I wanted to skip the plea to house do-er uppers, we havent been at it anywhere near long enough to be disheartened yet…give it another week!
    As for September – drink a little less once the rum's gone yes?
    M x

  4. Years? I want it all done now………(unrealistic I know – but I'm so impatient!) I'm going to try and ease up on the frantic decorating – I hope once the living room is done, I'll feel happier about it all as we'll have a retreat! x

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