A September round up and October’s goals

September was a bit of an expensive, lavish, indulgent month. There were trips to London for a friends birthday which involved a night out with cocktails and too much food and  another night with 4pm jager bombs and said birthday girl being pushed round Muswell Hill in a shopping trolley. There were 5, 6, well, maybe 7, too many nights out, so the cutting down on my drinking I’d promised myself fell by the wayside. There were even more meals out, meals that I really shouldn’t have eaten. We opened a new venue at work which meant my brain imploded. I had DIY dad come round and help put up curtains and picture shelves and the likes. The living room is almost, very, nearly, finished – just a few little bits left to do. I went to ‘Go Ape’ with work and seemed to have found muscles I never knew I had but just on the left had side of my body – also I now know I hate cargo nets. Flash and I had some lovely autumny walks – and some lovely summery walks. I got addicted to biscuit spread! Then I joined a gym! 

So, on to October

What have you got planned for the month?


  1. Yup, I really have to be more frugal as well this month. There's a lot going on but thankfully most of it is already paid for or can go into the end of the month pay packet. : ) I am just pretending I haven't really been paid this month. Oh and I don't even want to think about a gym but I think it's time I got back into shape really. Sigh.

  2. Of course I will. Our local is having a Shaun of the Dean themed night so I'm thinking maybe a zombie? Or just a skeleton outfit maybe. I might pin a few too many in the mean time though.

  3. I am really crap at being frugal – I just like spending money too much, but I'm going to try and replace some of the nights out that would have cost me £50 with a trip to the gym (or a night watching movies at home with some ice cream – which ever appeals more!) I have stuff planned for every weekend but its stuff I can try and do cheap – I hope!

  4. I have no chance of being frugal in October – I have a trip to New York just around the corner, which is going to mean massive spends I can just tell! So it'll be a frugal November for me. I've not let myself go anywhere near that biscuit spread as I know I would have no restraint!x

  5. oooooh, New York – well there is no point being frugal when youre on holiday. None at all. Plus, along side that shopping are all the amazing places you'll have to eat too. Can't wait to read about it. x

  6. October is a long month. With lots on. I think being frugal is needed but wont happen. I think my new main objective is to SLOW DOWN and stop doing far too much. No idea how to manage that yet though.

  7. Oh, to slow down. Yes please. If you figure it out can you send some slowness this way please.
    I feel like a LONG nap (maybe 4 days long), some walks in the woods with Flash and maybe a hot chocolate. Instead what I have is weekends away and nights out and having to see people (sorry friends……I'm feeling antisocial).
    Maybe we should retreat to the wilderness?

  8. That sounds great 🙂
    I'm actually retreating to the wilderness for about 20 hours this weekend but am not sure that really counts as slowing down!

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