A look back on June and July’s goals

I’m not even sure how the hell it’s July already, but it is, and it’s kind of freaking me out. For one I’ve not lost the planned 2 stone I wanted to lose, I’ve not got my life any more sorted, the house isn’t done and Melle certainly isn’t trained! But there’s still the rest of the year right? 

So June was the month that it rained wasn’t it. But it was also a month of some pretty dog walks, a lot of caring for my nan, it was definitely a month of peonies, mostly liberated from my parents garden, it was the month we finished our guest room an I had fun outings to the Stone Roses and Blogtacular. It was also a month of Rhubarb, and there is still more, it’s seemingly never ending! 
But on to July and my goals for the month  
I am sick of dragging the same old clothes that don’t fit right out of my wardrobe and I’ve been lent the Mari Kondo book so I ought to bust it out and declutter my clothes I think. Our 3 story hallway is having some work done to it to fit an internal door later this month so it feels like the time to start getting it sorted! I’ve been pretty shit at keeping to any sort of skin care regime recently but every time I open Instagram I feel shamed by the beauty bloggers who post about theirs all the time. We’ve got some time off at the end of the summer to take the dogs away so we’re just deciding where to go! Moving more is a must. Sitting at my desk all day is really depressing – I need to take more lunchtime walks. After Blogtacular’s video walk i am loving making mini movies so the plan is to make more in July and share them on a Monday here. And I’m struggling with human contact at the moment (it feels a bit draining to be ‘on’ this summer) so time with the puppies is an important way to combat it. 
Tell me your July plans. Go on, inspire me. 

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