A look back on July and some August Goals.

July went by in a haze of ‘doing’ and being busy and full. Busy at work, busy in the evenings, with full weekends. I’ll be honest whilst I like being busy I prefer having a bit of breathing space. But July saw me return to being sort of blonde again. The last time I was this shade I was 22! We had a weekend at my brothers dog sitting, we ate a lot of BBQ’d food, I also drank rather a few (too many) cocktails, we had a fun Tramlines weekend here in Sheffield and I did a bit of colourful shopping with some glorious new shoes and a whim purchase of beautiful new laptop. Yay to not blogging on my phone again!  

Now on to August. We’re off to Cornwall at the end of the moth to go to the boat which I can’t wait for, but until then I have a few goals planned in…….

I think the plans to visit friends might be the most important one here – I’m in need of some silly fun with friends at the moment. But reclaiming the spare bedroom is pretty high up on the list – it’s been storing the bathroom suite we bought for months so has been left to be a bit of a junk room recently. I go through spurts of swimming loads, but recently my dislocated rib has meant I’ve not gone for a while. I love being in the pool. And stealing cuddles from Flash when he’s not in a cuddling mood is just the best form of entertainment. He’s such an unimpressed cuddler if he’s not in the mood! The perils of being a small dog I suppose. 

What do you have planned for the month? 

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