A look back on April and May’s goals

April was a ‘try to save money’ month. It didn’t work awfully well but, post holiday, the intention was there so it was a month of cheap plans and staying in and a lot of dog walks. We did go to Manchester to see Brian Fallon, and I went to watch a friend run the Sheffield half marathon, i dug up the garden, I started scrapbooking our holiday, I did some reading, we discovered a wonderful sprialized salad. 

And now, on to May and May’s goals. 
We’re having the hallway, all 3 floors of it, and the spare room replastered. and then we’re brining someone in at the end of the month to paint the hallway, well, the do the gloss at least, but the spare room needs re-glossing and painting, then it needs a new carpet and some decoration. 
In the last week Melle has started paddling with his brother, so now it’s getting warmer, swimming is in the cards I think! 
We’re having a swishing event at the WI and I have loads of clothes for it, I just have to dig them out. 
I need some new TV to watch. I’ve been binge watching iZombie lately and it is awesome, but I’ll run out of them soon so I need something to take the place of it. Any suggestions will be welcomed!
With Jim being away and it getting warmer, we need to start using the garden more. I’m voting garden party! 

So, those are my plans, what are you up to this month? 

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