2016 – lets do this!

Yes. We’ve made it to a new year. And I know it’s the 7th day of the new year and maybe this post is a bit late but hey. I’m sure we’ll all get over it.

I’ve been trying to write a round up post of 2015 but in a lot of ways it’s been a hard year to look back on. I feel like I’ve had a crappy couple of years as a whole but there HAVE been some awesome bits to the last year and I think it’s important to focus on them.  

There were countless nights out with friends that lift my spirits immensely, there were days out with Flash who just makes me so happy, I had some excellent holidays including Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler, Glastonbury, Cornwall and Berlin. We grew our family by one – cute little Melle is now Flash’s baby brother. We gained a nephew. I learnt new skills. I made new friends. See the good has to out weigh the bad doesn’t it……..
And now on to 2016. I know this will be a better year. 
+ I am making changes to make it a better year.
+ I am making positive changes to the way I live – to what I put in my body and to the exercise I do. 
+ I am making changes to keep my mind healthy. 
+ I am making positive changes to the people I am around by choice. If you drag me down – you’re gone. If you make me smile. You’re in!
+ I am starting a new job full of new opportunities – leaving my last job meant leaving a couple of very negative people behind which has made me feel so much lighter.
+ And most importantly I am planning for it to be a better year. 
Bring it on 2016. I am ready for you! 

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