A look back at March and Aprils Goals

I missed march’s goals post because I was on holiday and my goals were basically drink all the beer and eat all the food. Which isn’t a bad set of goals as goals stand, and you should know, I achieved them. But now I am back to my real life where drinking all the beer is not a valid goal so I am recapping March and looking forwards to April. 

As half of March was spent in North America, and there will be blog posts about that soon, I am just focusing on the other half of the month in my recap. We came back to a puppy that had doubled in size during our trip. He’s not our little baby any more. Sobs. I kicked myself up the ass with regards to the WI and had some fun at the committee meeting. We threw a birthday party for our 4 year old puppy. He hated wearing a hat! Our 6 month old nephew (and his parents) came to stay. He’s now besties with the dogs. I filled the house with flowers and cleaned EVERYTHING after the electrician rewiring our house had covered it in brick dust! Honestly, has there ever been anything more boring than rewiring to spend your money on? No visible changes but a whole lot of money spent. But at least we have a working oven again and we’re not plugging things into electric put in before the lightbulb was invented (Jokes. Sort of. We had wires from the 1940’s in our house! Yikes!)

What are your plans this month? Anything exciting? Tell me!

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