BEDN Day 2 – Hello Monday. Hello November – A look back at October and some Goals for November.

I’m not sure when Monday’s got given such a bad rap of the week. I much prefer to dislike Tuesday’s. Tuesday’s are so much worse than Monday’s. Monday is the day we should be planning all the things we’ll achieve this week. Planning our fun weekend activities. Planning how we’ll change our lives. They’re a start over every week. And this Monday we get to start a fresh new month too. But first a look back at October. 
October was a month of big changes for me, it was about trips with friends to Berlin, we met our nephew, Daniel, I spent a lot of time walking in the beautiful autumn colours with Flash, of checking out new bars and finding new favourites. Of spending time with friends. Of celebrating Back to the Future day, and of a few fun bits of baking.   
It’s going to be a good month. For one, it’s nearly Christmas (it’s after November 1st, the adverts are on the TV which means I can mention it now doesn’t it), which means there is crafting to do. Lots of it. We’re on the hunt for a little puppy brother for Flash now I have some time to help him acclimatise to our home. My dislocated rib is back with a vengeance and the last hope is fixing it through being bendy. Lets hope it works because I need to sleep. And the kitchen needs a bit of a makeover. Well, a lot of one. Fist off – I need to choose a colour, then everything can go from there! 
What do you have planned for the month? 

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