Why I stopped writing

I’ve been thinking, today, about this decision to do BEDN, or more so, why maybe this has made me think ‘you know what, I’m going to do this’ but in thinking about writing here again, I had to think about what made me stop coming here to write.

I think that the way I saw blogging changed. It was no longer about just sharing your life. It feels like it’s become a competition on who can take the prettiest flat lays of the latest plastic tat they’ve bought. Who has the nicest wardrobe. Who has been to the fanciest holiday destination. Who is the next big young thing and who has caused the biggest controversy on twitter.

So, I think I just kind of started drifting away from blogging.

And also, I mean, there was the obvious thing, that these last two years my life has kind of changed in a big way and sometimes it has just felt like things have been too immediate to write more than an instagram caption about it. And then when I’d written the instagram caption it kind of felt like I couldn’t blog about it then……

But also, it’s sometimes hard to write exactly what is on your mind when you know that your family and friends are reading. So, whilst I might just be unloading the thoughts in my brain to anyone who might be out there on the internet reading, there are people who my ramblings might worry…….or worst, people who might read it and then take the piss out of me, which, lets be honest kind of puts the brakes on your writing.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a bunch of draft posts I’ve not felt like I could finish, or if I did, post, that I’m not going to resurrect over the next few weeks.

How do you feel about blogging these days?  

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