BEDN 5 – Fireworks Night

Before Flash Bonfire Nights were always spent in the park, with sparklers, bonfire toffee, usually a hot cider or two and a trip to the pub afterwards. Bonfire Night was the night we discovered Winter Pimms. It was a night for big coats and hats, wellies and gloves. 
But post Flash it’s a different story. Not that I’m a crazy dog lady but I somehow think it’s a bit more important to make sure that the fur face in the house is ok. To be fair to Flash, it’s not that he’s scared of fireworks, more he likes to shout louder than the booms in the sky. He likes to run around the house chasing the noises down, unless we distract him in some way. 
So this evening (and most of the week – why do people insist on setting off fireworks for weeks around bonfire night) is being spent dispensing treats, with the TV turned up load, playing with balls indoors (which we try not to do any more) and many many cuddles.
What are your bonfire plans? And how do your keep your furfaces calm? 

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