A January round up and some goals for February

Well, the first month of the year has been a bit of lesson for me. It’s not been a bad month but it’s opened my eyes and hopefully taught me some stuff that I can take into the rest of the year! But as a month it was fun. It started with a horribly drunken evening, but I was wearing sequin trousers! Then we had guests for 4 nights and a party for Jim’s birthday. We booked our trip to Canada, half decorated the bathroom, Jim went to France snowboarding so I had a week of solo puppy cuddles and made over the bedroom a bit, we played in some snow, we went to the seaside, we drank a lot of cocktails and ate some lovely food but now it’s time to have a little break from both of those things as I am pretty sure I’ve started to resemble a beached whale!!! 

I went to a juicing event over the weekend and left with a few recipes for drinks, currently our juicing strategy has been to throw everything in all at once and it all tastes the same so I’m excited to taste some that don’t…….there will be more on that event later this week. Also, I need to do some serious saving for the epic holiday we’re planning so if you see me buying anything that is not food – punch me. hard. ok! 

What challenges or goals have you set this month?


  1. January sounds like it was a busy month! I am so with you on the spending ban – I seem to have spent a fortune on stuff I don't need in the sales and now I need to stop, espeically as we will be booking our summer holiday this month! I am SO jealous about your Canada trip! x

  2. January has been an extremely busy month for you! I'm so jealous that you're going to Canada!! It is going to be amazing. I really need to stop binge watching Netflix, I only signed up a month ago and it is pretty much what we do every evening now. I may need to delete it for a while. x

  3. that's exciting that you are going to Canada! I have been on a spending ban for awhile… it sucks but my savings account is happy haha


  4. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy and organizing a holiday is always fun! Hmm I see myself wishing Feb away and longing for spring I will be honest at this rate, we're fixing up our basement so need to finish that and hopefully get around to ordering the flower and veg and plant seeds i'm going to try and pretend to be green fingered with.

  5. Another holiday – ooooh, where are you going to? And I've not even bought stuff in the sales…..it's all been full priced! Doh!

  6. I joined when I got my kindle…..I started binge watching Gossip Girl, then it was movies, now, shame on me, I'm watching pretty little liars! But because it's on my kindle it can move with me whilst I do things like clean or craft!

  7. Oh, please give me spending ban tips? I keep trying to buy things I REALLY don't need and it's only the 4th of the month!

  8. Ooooh, that reminds me – i need to plan some planting! What are you doing to the basement? And how are you coping with all that snow? It's a bit crazy!

  9. #1 tip is to avoid the stores – in person and online! I do my grocery shopping at Target which has cute clothes and food and I always avoid the clothing area and makeup section (unless I really did run out of something – foundation, mascara, whatever it is) and I avoid my favorite clothing store (Kohls)… they have great sales but spending $20 on clothes that are on sale is still spending $20!

  10. Haha just a tad crazy! S'ok now we finally freed the driveway but doesn't look like it'll be melting super fast, can't get out one of the doors either, it opens outwards and there's about a 2 foot snow drift blocking it's way.

    As for the basement, Joe has been taking part of the ceiling down a) because he hates them because they are ceiling tiles and b) he got all nosey about the wires and pipes up there lol. Then he spotted there was a crack in the foundation wall, which lead to peeling back one of the wood panelling pieces to reveal damp. So we've ended up taking out all the panelling to hide damp and fakey wood which we're cleaning and fixing up. Your meant to paint sealant on your basement walls every 5/10 years (apparently) as just general maintenance, and it appears since they put the wood panelling up in about the 1970's it's never been resealed. Eventually once we've kept an eye on it for a while we'll stick up some new plaster board and get it more up to date.

    Ah well, it's keeping us busy lol!

  11. I like your goals – so much excitement ahead – I'm still asking my Bro in Canada about places for you to check out x

  12. Aaah February, universal month of fasting and saving. I'm with you dude on all counts. Want to hear more about this epic trip too, how long? What's on the agenda? Details.
    And what are we teaching Flash? Do you remember in the olden Big Breakfast days when they tried teaching dogs card tricks? Do those. All of those.
    M x

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