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May 16, 2008 No Comments

Something thing crazy has happen recently. Work has taken over. And not in a good drinks-on-a-friday-and-coming-in-at-4amway. It’s more of a i-am-too-tired-to-think-when-i get-home way. Yesterday i had 2 event launches to organise and over see {one am, one pm} 3 meetings with various clients, and one client to schmooze until the early hours, then back to work early doors to write up yesterdays events and happenings. And to top it off, I find myself waking up at 5.20 in the morning stressing over how to spend the remainder of the marketing budget for the event I am working. Seriously. I didn’t sign up for working this hard.

I am dreaming of the weekend. Of catching up on my reading {and maybe finally finishing A New Road to China}. Of catching up with friends and gossip. Of catching up with the cleaning {ok, so I am not dreaming of that, but it HAS to be done sometime, and that time certainly isn’t when i get in at 8pm from work}.

Just 3 more weeks of madness and it’ll all calm down a bit {I think. I hope.}

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