A Treatment Update

Scan time has been and gone. It comes around fast………far too fast if I am honest.

For the last few months, well, since February, we have known that there have been some areas of my cancer that have been growing – slowly. They’ve been growing slowly – mm by mm, but growing is growing. And growing is scary a word when it comes to metastatic cancer. 

We decided a while ago we’d move my scan times up, have a few more of them. And so I’ve been having scans every 2-3 months. 

At my September scans, we found out that the areas of cancer we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while – in my perineum and in my chest wall – are still growing. Growing larger than we’re happy with. It seems that the combo of Herceptin and Kadcyla has run its course. 

So, as of middle of October, I’ll be moving on to a new medication – Enhertu. It’s a relatively new drug, and it is touted as the new wonder drug for people with Her2+ cancer.  So I have high hopes for it – and it best live up to those expectations!


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