DarkerPink by MetUpUK

It’s no secret that breast cancer awareness month is pretty intense for anyone who is living with breast cancer – we get bombarded by the pink and the positivity. The messaging that breast cancer kills 31 women a day gets lost under the feather bowers, the pink thongs, and the images of young, pretty people living their best lives. 

This is why at MetUpUk we wanted to create a campaign that addressed the ‘Darker Side of Pink‘. 

This year the MetUpUK BCAM campaign ‘The Darker Side of Pink’ features 31 women who are living with metastatic breast cancer, talking about the issues that they struggle with post-diagnosis.

The issues range from clinical trials, to drug access, to telling children about the disease, to the future. 

We’re asking people to look beyond the pink and fluffy side of breast cancer campaigns and to hear the thoughts of each of the 31 women living with metastatic breast cancer.

You can see all the videos and read all about the amazing women who took part in the campaign here

But even when October ends, 31 women will still be dying every day from metastatic breast cancer – the realities of cancer will still exist. 

The Darker Side of Pink campaign will be as relevant in May as it is in October! 

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