What happens when you turn your dog into a throw?

It may have been insinuated in the past that I might creeping dangerously close to becoming a crazy dog lady, and with this new addition to the house I think I’ve tipped over the edge! 
Yes – what you see before you is a super cozy sofa throw with a giant picture of Flash’s face on it. And honestly, what could be more glorious? Nothing, that’s what! 
When the team at Zazzle got in touch and asked if I’d like to make something for the house from their photo collection, I knew after about 30 seconds that the photo would be one of the gazillion I have of Flash, and after a quick look around the site I decided on a throw blanket so that I can cuddle up with him all the time.
And honestly it couldn’t have been more simple to do! 
You just choose your image from your computer, Instagram account or Google Drive and upload it to Zazzle, then you drag, drop, pinch and zoom it into place until you’re happy.  Obviously as it’s Flash’s little face up there it was perfect right away! 
It arrived after about 10 days which I thought was really fast given that it was custom printed, and it’s really soft and cosy too. I’m loving that fact that  it’s getting colder so I can justify having it out all the time!
And I think that the little face-sake of the trow likes it too. I turned by back for a second and he’d claimed it as his own!

*I was given the opportunity to try Zazzle for free but all views are my own*

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