Why I love my dogs! (Or a reason for some gratuitous dog shots!)

Did you know it’s National Love Your Pet Day? I didn’t until I stumbled across the # on instagram earlier today. But it seems such a great opportunity to post some photos of my favourite two fur faces, and some of the reasons that I love them. 
They are the worlds greatest cuddlers – sometimes at night I wake up being spooned by a dog, or with one in my arms. 
They force us  to get out into the world. Whether that’s just for a trip to the park or for a 10k wander round the peaks. They are always up for a walk. Sometimes they are too up for a walk. 
They give the best kisses. Flash gives kisses on demand. Melle just gives kisses. All the time. 
Melle is an actual shadow. Where we are, he just wants to be. Sitting on the sofa, he’s limpit-ed next to us. Going for a wee, following you to the bathroom. Getting a glass of water, sitting at your feet whilst you do. 
Flash actually saved my life. For reals. 100% needs a medal. I’m sure ant and dec should pop by and give him one. 
They love each other at least 90% of the time. And play together so nicely when they want to. My favourite thing is when Melle creeps up on Flash, slyly trying to get him to play, and then Flash eventually gives in and they wrestle
Flash gives hands down the best dirty looks of any living creature I have ever seen. His disgusted ‘what are you doing?’ face is absolutely brilliant and makes me smile every time. 
Melle is still such a puppy. He has these bursts of crazy that will just have you laughing the minute he starts – whether he’s been caught off guard by the fact he. has. a. tail, or has just seem himself in a mirror, or has decided that he wants his belly rubbing and needs to get your attention to do so!  
But mostly I love them because they are just so loving. They give us both the best companionship. But at times when Jim is in India, or away with work elsewhere, they are always here – these two little fur faces are here, to chat to, to cuddle at night, to shout at when they do something stupid. 
I couldn’t imagine life without either of them, tell me, why, besides the fact they are all clearly awesome, do you love your pets today?

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