Weekend adventures with Flash and Melle

Last weekend we took advantage of the extra long weekend and we drank too
many cocktails, had the obligatory bank holiday BBQ (that was more of a
bank holiday smoker session with some burgers thrown on at the end) and
went on a fun outing with the pups.

Living on the edge of the peaks has it’s advantages because we don’t
have to go far to get to pretty places, but as Melle is still really a
puppy, we don’t want to make him walk too far yet (even though he would
never stop if he had the choice), so we settled for a couple of hours
tromp round a some of the local reservoirs and a bit of a left over BBQ
car picnic.

After a super sunny weekend the Monday was a bit overcast, which is much better weather for a long walk with these loonatic dogs. I worry about them when it’s too hot because they run about far too much and they don’t seem to slow down even when they are panting a lot!

Plus, my walking boots are fleece lined and are pretty warm in winter, let alone in summer (i need to recify that I think for summer)!

I fell compleately in love with this feathery grass – after some tweeting for help, I found out it’s called Eriophorum, or cottongrass. Isn’t it cute.
After a weekend of over indulging it was great to get out and have a walk that felt like it was doing more good than our usual wander round the park, plus it’s rather pretty up at Redmires so that makes for a lot of moments to stop and take photos. Mostly of the dogs!
Flash is the cutest when I am lagging behind to take photos. He’ll run off with Jim and play with Melle but then he’ll dither about running back to me, making sure I am actually following them. It’s like he’s rounding me up. 
It was also Melles first proper venture into swimming (he’s paddled a lot) which was awesome to watch, although it was a bit worrying when Jim threw him in the reservoir and he started swimming in to the depths of the water.We were wondering which one of us was going in after him until he started to come back, but after one swim, that was it, we couldn’t get him out of the water!

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*Don’t panic – we checked the water for the blue green algae before launching him into it!

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