Top Collar – Postal treats for your pups

At last years’ WI fair in Harrogate my mum came across a stall that she knew would make the most perfect Christmas gift for Flash (Melle wasn’t even born when she signed him up!) – Top Collar. They specialise in baking healthy treats for your dog and delivering them right to your door.
I’ll be honest, we were a little confused when the first box arrived as it was just before Christmas and this adorable little postbox sized parcel arrived addressed to Flash, with a picture of him on the front popped through the letter box. Quite honestly we had no clue where it had come from, but as Flash is a bit of a diva he demanded we open it anyway.

Inside we were greeted with the cutest bag of Christmas Dinner flavoured treats, hand baked by the Top Collar team. Needless to say, in a house of two food obsessed pooches, they didn’t last long at all.
But the best bit was, my mum had bought a subscription of the treats so every two weeks we get a new box through the door. So far we’ve also had Full English, Salmon & Egg and Sunday Roast, which they have both loved (but I’ll be honest Melle *LOVES* food more than anything in this world)! And even my brothers dog, Molly, who is quite honestly the fussiest dog alive goes mad for them too. Which is a high accolade indeed.
I got in touch with the Top Collar team to see if they might have a discount code to use and they have said if you us WOOF1 when  ordering you’ll get a discount – so if this sounds like something the dog (or dog lover) in your life might like, give it a go!

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