This weekend I…..

July 13, 2009 No Comments

  • Drank homemade watermelonade and cherryade with a little dash of Gin. Homemade by these fair hands I will add.
  • Ate homemade pizza – the boy made the dough, I created the topping – red onion chutney, spinach, feta, butternut squash, pinenuts and then the boy added some pork, and sweetcorn, and anchovies {ugh! Seriously – super salty fish – no thanks almost as bad as olives.}
  • And homemade bread rolls.
  • Went camera shopping for a new ‘handbag cam’ with my dad.
  • Chilled out to some movies – including Watchmen. I kind of enjoyed it.
  • Introduced the boy to my parents! {Which I think went pretty well, even if he was super shy.}
  • Borrowed a little tent for Benicassim that will fit in the bag for the plane.
  • And retrieved my tickets and passport – you know the essentials.
  • Realised I will totally miss the boy – I wont get to see him now till the weekend after next – ouch. That’s a long time.

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