This weekend I;

August 15, 2009 2 Comments
  • Drank cherry beer at North Bar and cultivated plans to sample their tasting menu. It will probably need a little working up to, and a good meal beforehand. £25 for 15 of their speciality beers. I can hear the hangover calling now.
  • Had a wonderful evening chilling out with the boy, gossiping, listening to music and falling asleep to movies in bed.
  • Ate freshly baked bread and home cooked ham sandwiches. Yummy. {Yes, i do have a yellow cooker, landladies choice, not ours. Trust me.}
  • marvelled at these burger cupcakes. They make me want to get my bake on!
  • Spent some time doing some arts and crafts with my new Moo business cards {cutting off the discount codes. Sorry Moo, but I will be placing those cards around town and promoting you that way.}
  • Hung out with Count Duckula, She-ra, Marty McFly, a smurf, an officer, a few Freddie Murcury’s, and Tina Turner in Harrogate. Honest.
  • Witnessed the most intense game of giant jenga you might ever find. And played some questionable games of giant twister.Ate a wonderful Sunday lunch, cooked to perfection by the ex-housemate. I stirred the cheese sauce! And washed the pots. So, I was useful.
  • Discovered ‘Pass the bomb’. Genius. Unless you are hungover. In which case it is intense.
  • Educated the boy on Uncle Buck. But I won’t see him till Saturday night now, which sucks.

{yes, we have a yellow cooker, it’s the crazy land-ladies choice not ours. Trust me}


  • Lizzy C August 18, 2009 at 9:58 am

    Note to self: remember that I would like a yellow cooker.

    Note to Em: please remind me of this when I buy my flat.

  • Emma August 18, 2009 at 11:15 am

    Will do my dear. although think about the effects a yellow cooker might have on a hangover.
    Not pleasant, I can tell you.

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