Things Flash has eaten that he really shouldn’t have…..

We love Flash, we really do. He’s cute and funny and so so snuggly, but he is maybe one of the naughtiest dogs I have ever met. Sometimes you say ‘NO’ and he just looks at you as if to say ‘screw you, this looks fun’ and runs off in the other direction, mostly with something he shouldn’t in his mouth. 
Recently, he’s taken it upon himself to open (and eat) anything that comes through the postbox. We rarely open post that doesn’t have puncture wounds and some of it we don’t get to open at all because it’s shredded across the dining room floor. The problem is, because we’re rarely in when the post comes, he gets to it before us. I think we’ll have to invest in a baby gate to keep him out of the kitchen!  
He’s a list of some of the things he’s devoured in the last few months;

  • 2 graze boxes – luckily the only package he didn’t eat were the raisins. They have now been cancelled!
  • A congratulations card & all our Christmas cards
  • a Bon Jovi 7″ record,
  • a few credit card statements,
  • A mouse mat – a plastic mousemat
  • Harry Potter tour tickets (luckily still usable) 
In addition to post related things, here are some of the other bits he’s found around the house and decided would be super tasty; 
  • The stuffing of every single dog toy he’s ever been given – level 10 toughness is nothing to him. 
  • A chocolate Christmas tree decoration
  • The back of a pair of Jim’s smelly old disgusting trainers (I am hoping it was his way of saying get these bloody things out of the house!)
  • A beautiful pair of M&S pants
But randomly, he never touches the sofa or the dining room furniture or anything actually valuable.
Please tell me someone else has a pet that does naughty things like this. Please!


  1. I feel this pain, level 10 toughness really is no match for our two. Lola has a particular liking for socks, i've lost count of the amount we have had to trow away because of holes, its a rare occasion now days to find a matching pair. 🙂

    1. I thought his love of destruction was the JR in him – I'd never considered that pugs might be like that too…. he's never been a big sock fan but I did find one in his crate recently! Aghhhhhh.

  2. Wow he's a bit of an eater, our cats don't (luckily) eat much non edible items, although on of our cats have an unhealthy love for McDonald fries …

  3. Oh I'm not pleased you've had stuff chewed but I'm beyond chuffed that I found this, I'm not alone!! I have two very naughty cocker spaniels who are into EVERYTHING!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. You certainly are not alone! He is such a little monkey – we've started getting the important stuff delivered to work!

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