Dog Blog: The Pawesome Box

Flash turned 4 towards the end of last month, just after we all returned from our breaks (the dogs went to my parents and got spoilt rotten by them) and not only was the lucky pup treated to gifts we picked up whilst away, cakes and party hats he also got to open up a Pawsome Box* too. 
The Pawsome box arrived just before his birthday, but being the amazing dog mum I am I saved it to pass off as more gifts from us. 
The favourite item in the box is the Odi toy. We’ve had many, many ‘fights’ over this little squeaky guy, so many that I have to take it off them regularly to make sure that they don’t rip him in half! But one of the things I have been most surprised by is the Garfield plush toy. Soft toys don’t last very long in this house. They usually die a quick death of being methodically ripped open and they receive surgery to remove all their stuffing. But this toy has done two weeks in the house – it’s a minor miracle!   
The box also arrived with treats in it suitable for both dog, training treats and sweet potato sticks. Whilst Melle will literally eat anything, Flash is a fussy eater. He’s been known to spit out a treat in the park if he’s not interested in it (straight in to the mouth of the waiting puppy) but the sweet potato treats are like doggy crack. Flash went nuts for them. I have to figure out where to buy them from!  
The other two things in the box are a synthetic pigs ear and a grooming mitt. Flash loves pigs ears. LOVES them. But I’ve worried about the puppy getting hold of one and it upsetting his tummy, so we’ve not had them in the house for a while. As it’s a synthetic material it’s much longer lasting (think of it like those long lasting plasic chews you can buy) then a regular pigs ear would be. Flash is pretty good with theings like this, where as Melle will try and chomp though it so we are being careful to not let the super chewer pup near it, but Flash is loving it. 
I have to be honest, Flash is not a huge fan of the grooming mitt. He’s not a big fan of any sort of grooming in fairness. He hates baths, he hates having his teeth cleaned. He hates having his nails clipped. He prefers to stink of fox wee and do what he pleases. Typical boy temperament. Unfortunately, grooming is something that he needs as my whole body is regularly covered in little bits of his fur. But Melle hasn’t learnt to not like grooming so I’ve been using it on him and he doesn’t seem to mind one bit, the only thing is, he doesn’t seem to shed as much as Flash, yet but he sits there like he’s receiving a massage. Spoilt beast!
Have you bought any of your pets a subscription box? How did they enjoy it? 
*We were sent this box to review for free, but all the opinions are our own. 

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