Puppy Vuitton II

This little man has completely taken over our home and stolen our hearts. 
He’s all of 1kg and think he rules the place. If he’s not demanding you play and chasing your feet, he’s either out cute-ing himself, trying to sleep on you, or trying some new feet of daring for a teeny tiny puppy like launching himself off sofas. He is also a full on ladies man – wooing everyone who comes into contact with him.

We just need to teach him that weeing is best done in his designated areas, that feet and hands are not chew toys and that 5am is not the appropriate time to play. 

The video is shot with isupr8. it’s iphone only at the mo – booo {hello work phone} – but yay, i hear it’s coming to android soon! 


    1. he is. {right up until that moment at night he wont sleep and yelps for ages – the neighbours will hate us!} x

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