Puppy Present List

We’re feeling like just about the worst puppy parents in the world right now as we’re away and it’s Flash’s birthday today. He’s 3 years old today! Whaaaaaaaaaa. 
But we do know that he’ll be getting thoroughly spoilt by my parents – because they are crazier than us and spoil him every single day (honestly they do – it’s like fetch central in their house and I know he gets meat bits too!) 
But as any self respecting puppy mum will know, even though he gets spoilt every day, he still needs birthday gifts so he was packed off with some, along with Mothers day, and birthday gifts for my dad too (we’re the worst holiday timing planners ever aren’t we!). Here are just a few bits I know would be on his wish list if he were able to write me one!

1. The I fetch. This is such a great idea – you teach your dog to deposit the ball the the spout and it pops right back out. Perfect for a ball obsessed dog who just wont stop demanding you throw the ball! (not that we have one of those, honest!) 2. Every self respecting dog deserves a cake right? And a bottle of fizz (even if this wouldn’t last a minute in our house! 4. Flash lives up to his JRT nature and loves shaking things. This Kong toy not only squeaks, but rattles when it’s shaken! 5. And lastly we love a bit of Hello Apparel in our house and this Lucy&Co collaboration hoodie would match Jim’s top so of course he’d want it……..

Am I crazy for this or is it all perfectly normal? 

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