Puppy Love

Internet, meet Flash. Flash, meet the internet. 

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know the boy and I have been puppy hunting for some time now. It’s been a learning curve of what figuring out what questions to ask, what a healthy puppy looks like, what a reputable breeder looks like, learning to leave the most adorable pups in the world behind, and having to drive round full on ghetto’s – {yes, ghetto’s, but it was Rotherham!}

But last week we found our new family member. His name is Flash. Or to give him his full title, Puppy Vuitton II Grandmaster Flash {yes, named after the pioneering hip hop DJ  Grandmaster Flash  with whom the furious five often associated*. It was that or Melle Mel! We nearly bought 2 so they could be grandmasters together} 

Flash is a 4 week old Jack Russell x Pug and about the cutest thing you have ever seen. The boy and I pretty much melted at the sight of him and his brother and the choice between them was a bit of a nightmare, but he has to be 8 weeks to leave his mum, so we have some waiting to do before we can bring him home – which give us time to do a little bit of puppy proofing. 

Now, I will apologise for the any puppy post overload that may follow I am not know for my patience so this month wait might kill me, especially if the boy and I carry on with our speculation about just how cute he’ll be…….

Bad phone pic of Flash at the top of the puppy pile with his brother and a little Pug pup half-brother. 

*This info was supplied by the boy after he thought what I wrote was wrong. It kind of was, but it was what I thought was right!


  1. Aw my he is a tiny cutie pie. Loving his full name. As a nickname I call Smokey V for Vendetta Face because she has a smile somewhat like the smirk on the Guy Fawkes mask. I love funny names!

    1. If you can't name you pet something grand who can you?
      The boy had a pup, Max, who was Puppy Vuitton, so Flash will be the 2nd PPV.
      I have a friend Sam { 750-miles.blogspot.co.uk} who's bunny is Mokey Fraggle Lord Bunnington Smythe.

    1. We got a date of the 11th May to bring him home yesterday – so it's way sooner than we thought. Can not wait.

  2. Can't. Handle. The. Adorableness. (Almost enough to make me go squee! And I can't stand girls who squee.)

    P.S. A reference your bandwagon post – my newly minted work cell phone is an iphone and I miss my Android Nexus SO, SO MUCH!

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