#poochpackage 2015 – the conclusion!

Do you remember that #PoochPackage that Fay and I organised? 
Well, it was a barrel of fun. We had loads of fun dogs and their people enter and so many amazing packages sent out……..here are just a selection of the dogs that got involved and the gifts that got sent across the country……….maybe we should make it a yearly thing?  
Flash was super lucky pup and swapped with two pups…..the gorgeous Sev and the lovely Rosie, so not only did he get to send out two packages, but he got two in return – most spoilt dog ever I think. he got a beautiful bandana and a toy he’s obsessed with along side some treats and balls from Sev, and from Rosie he got ALL the treats in the world, a toy that I have to admit has been ripped apart, some liver paste he goes loco for and a blanket for after swimming. What did I say, spoilt……. 
If you want to check out what was sent and received you can see all the posts from #poochpackage on instagram here!

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