Photography gone crazy

April 18, 2008 No Comments

At lunch today I popped up to the bowling alley they are tearing down near my office to take a few snaps, as I’d had some good nights out there whilst at uni with my housemates, and i thought it might be interesting. It was all fenced off at the front, but you could easily climb in through the car park at the side if you wanted, but i thought better of it. You know trespassing and all.

So i am taking photo’s of the half demolished building through the iron fence and there is no-one about, and I’m being careful not to get the diggers and stuff in the shots {i don’t want them ruining it} when out of no-where a builder comes up to me and tells me he’s seen it on the TV and we can’t take photo’s in public as i could be a terrorist. Me, with my big obvious camera, my bright blue bag, my smiling at everyone who walks past ……

I personally blame this report from the BBC for bringing it to the attention of the fools who don’t listen to the whole thing, they just hear that photographers are being asked not to take photo’s be the police.

Jeez! So, i have found this little leaflet that you can take out when taking pics and give to the people who are asking you who you are and even telling you to move along.

I did leave. One as i was pretty much done, and two, the security man was rather large and i didn’t think little old me could take him in a fight! But i will have the leaflet in my bag next time I’m taking pics!

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