Look who’s two!

This week my favourite little guy turned two. He celebrated with a mammoth ball chasing session at one of Sheffield’s hilly parks and a pigs ear and some rice pudding. We know how to party in this house!
After nearly two years (he came to us at 8weeks) it’s hard to imagine our life without him in it now. He makes us smile, he makes the best hot water bottle, he wakes us up with kisses and knows exactly when to come and give me the cuddles I have needed so much recently, but he also knows just how to make me really mad, he knows where ever little bit of manky takeaway in the local park is and can sniff a bloody tennis ball out no matter how well we’ve hidden it. 
He’s about the naughtiest dog I’ve ever come across, but I think he might be perfect. 
We spent a weekend with the camera recently. Here are just a few of the snaps I got, my favourite might be the barking one below, because whilst it looks like he might be the most vicious dog ever, he’s mid high pitch squeak to try and get me to throw the stick! Also, check out all the dirt in that mouth!


  1. Happy birthday Flash!!
    Fab photos too, he looks like he's got real personality :o)
    M x Life Outside London

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