In the mind of a four month old puppy.

This week Melle turned four months old. It seems crazy that it was only two months ago that Toni and I ventured to pick him up. And I’ll be honest it seems crazy that he’s four months old at all. He’s so grown up in so many ways (I swear his legs grew four inches last night) and in others he’s a crazy little uncordinated puppy who makes me heart squeeeee every time I see him.
But enough of my ramblings about much I want to smush his face all the time. Here are some of the thoughts that I swear go through the said 4 month old’s very little brain (yes, we all know this is just an excuse to post puppy pictures. Bite me. It’s my birthday. I’ll post what I want!)
  • Omg. Stairs. Must climb stairs. Oh crap. I’ve climbed all the stairs. Lets whine until someone comes to rescue me.
  • Ooooh, I’m downstairs again. OMG. Stairs. Must climb stairs.
  • You know what will work out really well, I’m going to launch myself at Flash’s head. That wont piss him off at all.
  • Just going to stop here for a rest! 
  • Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
  • I think dad with really love being woken up by me biting his face.
  • Oooh, I’ve had a great idea, I’m going to try and eat that food Flash is eating.
  • Is it bedtime yet?
  • I wonder if mum wanted these slippers I’m about to destroy?
  • Chew chew chew.
  • I might only be little but that Alsatian looks like it wants to play with me.
  • If I poop up here, in this corner of the room I’m snuck into, I wonder how long it’ll take before it’s found?
  • I wonder what Molly will do if I pull the fur from her tail really hard?
  • I’m ready for a nap!

  • This makeup looks tasty. Let me see what happens if I lick it. 
  • Oooooh. A wire. Must chew wires! 
  • Where’s mum. Need mum. She’s weeing. Best she wants some company. I wonder why they call me a mummies boy. 
  • I bet if I start squealing really loud during this play fight with Flash he’ll get in trouble. Oh. He did. I’ll add that to my must do list
  • Ah. Naptime! 

So, there you have it. The thoughts of a four month old puppy as they happen! Naughtiness. Food. Naps. That’s about it really!

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