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August 27, 2008 No Comments

I am back at work after 6 days off, i have been here nearly 2 hrs and done nothing because no-one has the time to tell me what has happened with my clients whilst i have been off.

So, i am writing this post about the things i did when i was off and hoping to go somewhere but mostly ended up doing things for other people;

*like take people to ikea {I did get bought lunch, and an ice cream for my troubles though!}
*and take my nan to the bingo and the supermarket, and clean her house,
*and look after my brothers dog {which I do like doing really} and pick up his drycleaning {which I am not so keen on – esp when I have to pay – cough up little bro!}

*and water plants and harvest runner beans {Seriously. They grew in the garden and that long one IS actually ONE bean}
*and wash cars that aren’t mine, but I have been borrowing,
*and work my second job, so people could go to the full days worth of festivalness at Leeds.

I did get to catch up with friends, and eat copious amounts of star mix, and get the gossip on cute boys they have met. And I watched a show on how rope is made. {Much more interesting than you would think. Especially to a nautical geek like me.}

And i did get to see The Killers. Which was ace. As you know. And still makes me smile.

And i didn’t drink!

And then, yesterday, on my last day of freedom, i tried to tidy the house as the rents are home tomorrow {aghhhhhhh} but i kept getting distracted by phone calls from vodafone asking me if i would like TV on my phone. Seriously. WHO wants TV on their mobile phone? eh? And the car garage with all sorts of news about my new car, and my nan asking if i could go over and go for a pub lunch {i declined on account of the special k i had lined up for that meal but did go and take her some strawberries, i am not ALL bad} and the brother asking to borrow more things i hold dear and know will get returned broken…….and by day time tv – the hills on mtv download {**guilty pleasure/geek alert**} and neighbours and home and away and various shows on E4 {yup – I could be a student again!} and by all the food that ever was but isn’t Special K and therefore doesn’t fit in my diet, and the delights of nesquik chocolate milk – oh my – now thats something special and i am pretty sure not part of the special K diet but worth the slip-up! And by reading many blogs, and checking out explore on flickr, and a thousand other things that weren’t anything to do with cleaning

So I still have a lot to do tonight.
I don’t intend to switch on the TV. Or the computer. Or eat anything thats not cereal. But I know I will. Some things are just better than cleaning.

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