Guess who’s one today

That’s right, Grandmaster Flash, Puppy Vuitton II. So, in honour of his grand old age, I thought I would take the shameless opportunity to post you some of my favourite shots of him. (And some of my far too many Instagram shots too!)

He has taken over not only our home (seriously, dog toys are everywhere) and our bed, but massively stolen our hearts. And, guess what, there is chat of getting him a little puppy brother!   


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday Flash! And yay for potentially having a new arrival to keep him company!

    I think the photo with the hair brush is still my favourite…it's his expression 🙂 x

  2. You know he's thinking 'aw, crap, they caught me' don't you……

    and yes, a little brother is on the cards, we just have to find a nice breeder, with puppies, at the right time….fingers crossed for another May arrival!

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