Gift Guide: Puppy Presents

As you might have gathered if you follow me on Instagram, I
am a little bit in love with my puppy, Grandmaster Flash. He’s basically my
favourite – but, shhhhhh, don’t tell the boy or he might stop making me dinner!

And I know he doesn’t know what Christmas is, and I know he’ll
probably get me in trouble by eating all the Christmas decorations and opening
all the presents, but that doesn’t mean he won’t want gifts.
So, if I were a small, naughty, puppy, this is what would be on my Christmas list*;
1 Tweed dog bed. 2 Glow in the dark lead. 3 A ball, any ball, every ball. 4 A snowsuit 5 Bone. 
6 A little pug – although he might like a little brother more 😉

*This, however, is not necesserilly what Flash would choose, he’s way butcher than these choices! Honest. 


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