Gift Guide – Puppy Lovers

We all know there are about a thousand cute things you can buy for your dog but there are loads of great things that the dog lover in your life might love too

If you’re like me you’ve got bags of dog food all over the house but this Dog food store is pretty enough to keep on show in the kitchen. 2. Just as you have festive treats in store for human guest popping round during Christmas, make sure you have some puppy mince pies in for furface visitors too. 3. Is there anything better than a book of dog selfies? Nope, there isn’t! This is the best book ever and a great stocking filler! 4. This hair of the dog hip flask, once full, will hopefully keep you warm on your walk, and maybe help with the festive hangovers too! 5. I’m a big fan of a good pair of wellies but lets be honest they aren’t exactly comfy to wear or, well, all that warm in the winter, so a decent pair of walking boots are a must for frosty, cold, muddy, dog walks – and these ones look good too.

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