Gift Guide – For the dog lover in your life

So recently my friend told me she never had me pegged as a crazy dog lady, but that she thought it suited me so I figured lets go the whole hog and kick off my gift guides by focusing on the most important member of the household! 
I must admit I love shopping for Flash and even though, if I’m honest with myself he really doesn’t get what Christmas is besides the time of year we bring a REALLY big stick in the house, it’s fun to get him a few gifts for the big day! 
1. The Foobler dog toy I really really wish I’d found out about these things when they were on Kickstarter because try as I might I cannot get one in the UK, but a toy that dispenses treats throughout the day would be magic for any pooch! 2. I am a little in love with these Pugs might Fly tree ornaments. Whist at £29.99 for 4 they’re out of my price range this year, one day they will live on our tree! 3. I just adore the prints that Fuzzyard have on their dog beds and I am pretty sure most self respecting pooches will too! 4. Billy and Margot puppy cracker for dog – who says humans have to have all the dinner table cracker fun! These have a hat and a joke too! 5. As the owner of a dog with an Instagram account (don’t hate me!) this plush Dogsta toy seems very apt! 6. The perfect Dog Hamper for any dog lover (although maybe I’m just a bit in love with the bone shaped basket!)


  1. I love all of these and I'm sure Flo would too! She's quite intrigued by the Christmas tree and has taken to prodding the baubles with her nose! (Thankfully she has avoided trying to eat them… for now!) x

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