Getting our wrap on!

**3D friends, the ones who think they might be betting a card from me might want to look away now**
The lovely people at Zazzle asked me if I might like to try out making some cards and paper goods for the holiday season and as one of my favourite parts of Christmas is making my gifts pretty, I knew that this would be one review that I could make the most of. 
My first port of call was Christmas cards. One of the things that we do every year is send a Flash themed Christmas card. We assume everyone wants to see his face as much as we do but I think that’s part of being a crazy dog lady. 
Now you might have seen a baby brother for Flash appear on my Instagram and you might note that he’s not on the cards but they went to print when he was just a twinkle in our eyes (or 2 days before we got him) but hey – Flash rocks the limelight, and he looks adorable here don’t you think?

The cards themselves are lovely, glossy and thick too. You get to add a greeting inside and a message on the back too.

And I also snuck a few more papery bit in to the order to make our gifts a little bit more special under the tree. Our tree is covered in red and white and silver so I thought I’d carry the red theme through and compliment it with a bit of craft brown too.

My first stops were tags that I adorned with this adorable little winter scene in a bottle on them, and some tissue paper covered in stars. I love that I got to design them to compliment my Christmas theme.

One of my favourite items is the Flash wrapping paper. I used the same image as the card but it’s repeated across 6ft of paper and is just magnificent. This paper is going to be saved for our parents gifts because it is just so special!

I then discovered envelope stickers. What could be lovelier than a sticker to seal your envelope that lets people know that you’re sending a Christmas card, not a bill? I went with a beanie and mittens design from the same collection as the stars and winter in a bottle. I adore them.
And I also added some wreath gift stickers to my order too to help me hold the gifts together.

Along side the bits I created, I picked up some double sided gift wrap from Ikea and some red and white washi tape from Ikea. I can’t wait for my gifts to start arriving so I can get going with the wrapping and the tree to be picked so that they can take their pride of place under it.

What are your gift wrapping must haves?

*this is a collaborative post but all the views are my own*

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