Flash’s move

Have you ever made a move with a pet? We’d not before now and what with Flash being a sensitive* little soul I was a bit worried about it to be honest. I knew he’d love having a garden but a whole new house? Well, I wasn’t sure how he’d cope with the rest of it. 

So I read all the internet. All of it. I read posts from Pinterest, and on pet sites. I did loads of reading in order to minimise the trauma on him little brain. So, we didn’t wash his bedding before we moved, I even left his favourite throw smelling like the old house. As we weren’t moving far, we started making sure walks went up and down our new road. We packed his things last so the disruption to him was minimal. We took him to the house as soon as we got the keys for a nosy round. We moved his bed and crate and toys on the first days so that he had his space. We did everything bar have someone else look after him for the weekend.

But, do you know what, I don’t think any of it has phased him. He loves the garden, as expected. He loves it even more since we discovered that the kids in the school behind are rubbish tennis players and their balls end up in our garden all the time. He loves the extra space. He loves bounding up the stairs, both flights of them. Within 2 days he was turning into the right front garden coming home from walks. he still hates the bath. He’s found his favourite chairs to nap in, and figured out that he now has 2 window seats to sit at and bark at the neighbours/passers by. He still takes himself for a nap in our bed when he’s shattered. 

He’s still as crackers and as naughty as ever, so I don’t think he’s been very traumatised. He’s just been very good at making himself at home!

*read: tantrum throwing monster.


  1. Ok so I didn't think Flash could get any more gorgeous but in the bed? Oh so cute!
    And I'm so glad you did this post, we've got just under a month to go and it's pathetic but the thing I was most worried about was P and B!!! I like the idea of easing them in gently though, there's a huge field near the new house so I'm going to try to take them over there a few times to get them used to it being their new space.

    Hope you're getting more settled by the day :o) Flash looks happy as Larry.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. It's not pathetic, it was one of my biggest worries. In fact on the day we got the keys I was so worried as we'd been out of the house for ages and he'd been alone so I made us go back for him before we got keys and the likes.

      Flash loves it all, but we're still in a shambles to be honest. It's going to take a while.
      can't wait to see your house though. x

  2. Aww it's good to hear he's taken the move in his stride. I have to admit to doing the same googling about moving our kitties – especially as one is pretty much scared of her own shadow and the other hates change. I think we have to take it gradually with the cats, especially with them being indoors, hopefully they see past all the big changes and appreciate the bigger and brighter space that they get to call home!

  3. Congrats on the move, Em! Flash is adorable and I'm so glad that he embraced the move and loves your new home.

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