Grandmaster Flash

Flash at 8 weeks – he wont sit still for long enough to do this now….I have tried. He isn’t playing!

So, we’ve had our
pup for 6 weeks now {although it seems much longer} and he’s totally changed
our lives. For something so little he has a massive character – he totally
thinks he is the boss of the house {I won’t lie, he might be} 
But, to make
sure that when he’s no longer a puppy, we don’t forget just how cute he was, here’s a little round up of Grandmaster Flash, PPV II’s first month at home; 

  • He weighed just
    over 1kg when we got him – he’s now a whopping* 1.9kg’s.
  • He has just about learnt his name – but only if there is nothing more interesting happening – and he’s grasped sitting on command – esp. when food is involved!  
  • He will eat the most random foods. So far he’s loved blue cheese, hummus, tomatoes,
    cous cous, jam, strawberries, lettuce and wolfed it all down! But not celery or mushroom. Weirdo. 
  • One of his favourite
    things to do is bite you. Feet/hair/hands he’s not fussy, and even if he doesn’t mean to be hurty bitey, those little puppy teeth are razor sharp.
  • He’d mastered climbing
    our stairs after 2 weeks – which terrified me. But he can’t get back down yet!
  • He is a massive
    puppy whore and will charm everyone he comes in contact with – even people who
    don’t like dogs!
  • He loves
    snuggling under the bed covers in a morning, especially after his walk. 
  • He thinks he’s
    billy big balls with older dogs, but playful little puppies scare him to bits.
  • His favourite toy is whatever happens to distract him at that moment – puppy toy, empty bottle, hairbrush, mascara, snail – he’s not fussy. 
  • He has learnt sitting at the boy’s feet in the kitchen might sometimes result in food – it might be his favourite place to sit!
  • If you want to
    pull at a gay pride festival – take Flash!
  • If it rains, he won’t
    wee outside. Helpful in a horrible, rainy June.
  • He doesn’t like
    walking on the lead much, but will trot alongside you quite happily in the park – once you get him there. 
  • He is a great cuddler – especially as he’s falling asleep.
And so as not to just post a stream of puppy pictures and make everyone think I am more crazy about him than I am – you can see some more pics here!

*Whopping for him,
you understand


    1. He would still fit, but he just wont sit still – even when he's half asleep. He just has too mush doganality!

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