A day of 2 halves

March 29, 2008 No Comments

Today is a day of 2 halves. 2 very different halves. and the fact i am looking forwards to one half, only makes me dread the other slightly more.

  1. I am getting my hair cut by Sammy’s friend who’s just opened a salon in Leeds. And Sam always has great looking hair, so i am very excited. Although, i am having fringe issues. i want a huge, heavy sweeping fringe {a bit like Hev, this girl i know} but I’m not sure…….Or, and i will admit to my slight addiction here, i quite like LC from The Hills’ fringe {but maybe that’s because she has a stylist 24-7?} And then i am going to potter round town looking at summer dresses, try on a load of clothes in a friends shop, and mentally spend my next 6 month’s wages!
  2. The other half of the day involves something much less fun: A while ago one of KC’s friends found out about an Indian restaurant near his house that does a whole curried lamb. That’s right. A curried lamb. So, i am neither a huge fan of meat*, or curry, and for some reason i am still having to attend this meal. I have visions of this whole lamb being brought to the table, hoofs, head and all. It seemed like a bad idea a few months ago, when it was suggested, but being the most unreliable group of people known to man i thought it would never happen. Now the day is here, i am actually dreading it!

So, i get to spend half my day doing girlie wonderfully relaxing {if not slightly expensive} things, this evening i have to sit and watch a host of boys discuss football, fighting and devour a whole lamb. Fun, hu?

*chicken yes, bacon yes, but anything that feels like i am eating actual flesh – NO!

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