Crafternoon Delight*

From Gennines Art Blog

If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know I have been
organising little crafting events for my friends for a few months now, and we
have another one running in May. And i
f you hadn’t guessed by the image, May’s session will be
doing some DIY stamp carving.

The plan is that each person will get a soft carving block
to create your design on, a mount for your carved stamp to make it easier to
use in the future and an ink pad. Plus I’ll be getting some proper carving tools
to make the job easier! And as always there will be some tasty treats to
accompany the afternoon.

And after a little chat with some of the attendee’s we
thought it might be nice to open up the afternoon to some other crafty people in Sheffield
There are a couple of seats available at the next event which will be held
on the 13th May at 2pm, so if you fancy it please get in touch on ohgoshem {at} or leave a comment with your email address in it. 
The cost is £8 which covers all the materials and food. As
I think I’ve mentioned before about these sessions, there is no real teaching as I’ve never tried
this before either, it’s more of a come along and have a go sort of thing!

{It might also be worth having a look at some inspiration
on what type of stamp you’d like to make, so I have set up this pinboard, it is
a little sparse at the moment, but I will be adding to as I find great stamp
examples – 



    1. Hi Louise, I am really sorry, but I only had a couple of spaces and I had some Twitter sign-ups too. Until I get a bigger space or more chairs its a bit limited I'm afraid. I'll email you too in case you miss this and put your name on the list for the next invite. so sorry. em. xo

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