Crafter-evening {That’s not quite got the same ring to it as Crafternoon, has it…..}

Last week I held the second of the crafting groups with my friends – we attempted a little wreath making {but this time for various reasons, I was about a thousand times less organised and took no pictures. For one we had it on a Thursday evening, so there was no time for me to prep really. It was all a bit of a rush. Two, evening lighting is bad. And three, it really didn’t look as pretty – there was stuff everywhere}
There were two types of wreaths available – vine wreaths and foam ones. The foams ones – wrapped in wool proved the most popular, but there were still a few takers for the vine ones. We had a table full of holly, expertly half-inched from the bush in my parents garden, some evergreen tree, ribbons, pinecones, felt, wool, glitter, buttons and bells – not to mention the food. 
Having looked at Pinterest I knew I wanted to do a grey wreath, but i envisaged it with a whole heap of balls of wool and pinwheels and things on it – in reality it’s grey, with a few glittery balls, a pinwheel and a woollen ball! I may add to it yet, but it’s not a quick process wrapping that wool round foam. And it appears to have a bit of a kink in it where I might not have taped the foam tight enough, but what do you think? 

And here is a little glimpse of the type of wreath the people who did the vine wreaths created.  

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