Learning how to make things with silver!

I have a new favourite hobby!
For my birthday my mum bought me a course of silver jewellery making sessions with The Jewellery Business. I found out about the class chatting to the lady who runs, Emmie Ball them at the Sheffield Etsy Fair and thought it’d be the perfect thing to try this year, given my word for the year is learn. So once a week, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be in a workshop learning a new skill. 
I started on the classes last week and finished my first piece this week – my first plan is to make a collection of bangles that all work together but are all slightly different!  
It’s really interesting learning the skills it takes to create something with silver – even something this simple. I’ve been sawing, filing, bending, soldering, sanding, hammering, shaping and polishing. I have to admit that when we started the bangle was WAY too small for my wrist, and it was amazing to see how it grew as I hammered the shape and the patterns into it.  
For now I just have the one bangle (and one that has been half started too) – but I love it so much, and paired with my favourite turquoise number and silver beads, I think it looks just perfect! Future plans include ones with pearls on it, and maybe another with charms of a sort. The start of a great arm party – don’t you think? 
And now I also have ideas for necklaces and earrings and a plethora of other gifts for people! Be warned, if you know me in real life, any birthday gifts you’re expecting from me might be silver and jewellery related. That’s ok right? 

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