Oh Gosh Silver – My Christmas Makes

 As you might know, I started a silversmithing class last February, and my love of making things from silver has spiralled out of control. And so I spent the last couple of months making gifts for friends for Christmas and their birthdays, and now that they’ve all been delivered, I wanted to share a couple of my makes with you. 
I made this Rose Quartz stacking ring with 3 hammered bands for one of my friends who had admired my stacking rings. I love ho the pink adds a hint of girly to the hammered rings. I’m a big fan of the hammered finish because it catches the light so nicely. 
I also made a series of ‘charm’ bracelets that had stamped beads, gemstones and hoop on them, all personalised to the person who was receiving it. The one below, for my friend Liz, has beads for her kids, human and feline! 
I came across a bunch of turquoise pebbles and loved how they looked on the silver bangle. I also made Jim’s mum this little leaf charm to go on her bracelet, because she has helped us so much with sorting out our garden.  
My Mum has her birthday right before Christmas so I knew I wanted to make her something for that and a while ago I’d been trying to make a reef knot and it gave me the idea to make her some sailing themed jewellery. I made a reef knot bangle and a pair of earrings.  
I also discovered the lariat style necklace recently and made a couple of different styles of them for people too. One had a little heart passing through a loop, and another had a pretty turquoise stone on it. 
And those are my festive makes for some of the people in my life. I am super proud of the things i’ve managed to create over the last few months, but what do you think? 

Oh, and I’ve popped a few bits I made in my Etsy store too!

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